Welcome to Year 8 Science Wiki!

We will learn to use technology to improve our knowledge and understanding of Science.
We will comment and make summaries about concepts as we learn.
We will create written projects, media projects and comment on each other’s work.
We will review and share study notes and strategies before tests and quizzes and lots more.


In the interest of students’ safety, the following restrictions have been configured on the wiki:
Only your teacher can enter registrations
Only students and the teacher are allowed to add to or edit the wiki.
All wiki content is subject to teacher approval and/or deletion.
The teacher will be notified of any edits to the wiki.
No individual or identifiable profiles are available on the wiki. Do not use your last name when publishing on this wiki.

Terms and Conditions: You are a Digital Citizen

Do not edit or delete the work of another student
Respect the each other’s time and efforts by supporting the same positive approach.
Do not include any information or images on the site that could compromise your safety or that of other wiki members. Avoid specific comments about our location or schedules.
Be respectful in your postings and edits. No inappropriate language or comments will be tolerated.
Protect your log-in and password information. If you suspect that a password has been compromised, you must notify the teacher immediately.
Do not share your log-in information about the site with anyone who is not a participant.
All use of the wiki must be in accordance with the school’s Acceptable Use Policy, including entries made from computers outside of school.
Uncited use of copyrighted material in wiki postings, files, or comments will be deemed as plagiarism.
Remember that this is your "digital footprint". It can be used when you apply for your first job. Never write anything that you may regret

How will we use this wiki?

Refer to the links in the navigation bar on the left. These links will take you to the required pages including your own wikispace to complete your learning activity.

Participate actively in all discussions. When responding to a peer's post, be constructive in your response.