1. Define the terms community, population, ecosystem and environment.
What is an Ecosystem Video (2.48 min)
BrainPop Ecosystems
2. Recall, with examples, producers, consumers, scavengers and decomposers.
Microorganisms at Work
3. Identify that some organisms produce their own ‘food’ (autotrophs) while others consume their ‘food’ (heterotrophs).
4. Construct simple food chains and food webs.
5. Describe how producers, consumers and decomposers in Australian ecosystems are related, using food chains and food webs.
Label a food chain
Food Chains Puzzle
Food Chains Multiple Choice-Self Marking
BrainPop-Food Chains
Food Chains become Food Webs
Create a Digital Food Web
6. Identifies abiotic factors (light, air, water & soil) affecting survival of organisms in an ecosystem.
7. Identify factors affecting survival of organisms in an ecosystem.
8. Identifies biotic factors in the environment.
Symbiotic Relationships
Producers and Consumers Game
Classify Organisms
Types of Organisms Game
9. Describe the role of photosynthesis in ecosystems.
BrainPop Photosynthesis
10. Describe the role of respiration in ecosystems.
BrainPop-Cellular Respiraion
11. Recall a general word equation for photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis Quiz
12. Identify beneficial and harmful effects that microorganisms that on living things and the environment.
13. Describe some adaptations of living things to factors in their ecosystem.
Ecosystem Terms
Vocabulary-Ecosystem Terms
Ecosystem Quiz
Ecology of the Biosphere- Quia Activity
14. Discuss some effects of bushfires, drought and flood on Australian ecosystems.
15. Describe (using examples including those developed by Aboriginal peoples) ideas developed by different cultures to explain the world around them.
16. Analyse reasons why different cultures or groups within a society, including Aboriginal people, may have different views in relation to scientific issues.
17. Discuss viewpoints about some issues with a major scientific component and identify choices that need to be or have been made when considering whether to use particular scientific advance.
18. Evaluate the potential impact of some issues raised in the mass media that require some scientific understanding.
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